Shot Blasting and Cleaning in Sussex

Sand blasting for cars, bikes or vans

Shot Blasting Services

If you want to extend the life of your vehicle, giving it an occasional shot blast can help. It’s a process that is often used to clear a surface ready for repairs. At White’s Bodyworks in Sussex, we’ve got over 27 years’ experience of delivering this kind of service to car, motorbike and van customers in the region.

Over time vehicles can get covered in all sorts of grease, rust, dust and dirt which can cause damage if left. If you want to prepare fresh new metal for priming and painting, shot blasting is also a key part of the process.

Just like many other garage services, blasting and cleaning require a good deal of expertise and, of course, the right equipment on site. We are able to deliver a range of shot blasting processes at White’s Bodyworks including:

  • Sand blasting.
  • Shot blasting.
  • Bead blasting.
  • Soda blasting.

We’re a garage that is able to handle new as a well as classic cars and other vehicles, for example, helping to prepare metal for new paint and restore vehicles to their former glory.

It’s important to work with a team that knows what they are doing when it comes to shot blasting and this kind of abrasive cleaning. Choosing the right method is vital as is having the appropriate training for staff who are carrying it out.

At White’s Bodyworks, all our shot blasting teams are fully qualified and comfortable dealing with everything from motorbike tanks to vintage cars.

Abrasive Blasting in Sussex

Abrasive blasting is a highly skilled undertaking and requires a deft touch, especially when dealing with delicate car or motorcycle parts. Essentially, a stream of abrasive material is propelled against the metal under high pressure. This can vary from sand to soda and which method is chosen will depend on what the material is and what the final finish is intended to be.

Abrasive blasting can be used, for example, to smooth out surfaces that have become rough over time. If you are intending to prime and paint a service, abrasive blasting is designed to clear the surface of old paint and rust. The process can also be successfully used to clean surfaces of contaminants or erosion caused by age.

The job of the shot blaster here is to make sure that they clean the surface without damaging it. The last thing you want if you own an expensive classic car, for example, is your garage choosing the wrong method of stripping the paintwork.

At White’s Bodyworks in Sussex, we have a long track record of delivering the abrasive blasting that our customers are looking for. We do this by making sure our team is fully trained as well as having the exact equipment they need and give them every option.

Shot blasting is often part of other repair and restoration processes, especially when it comes to classic cars and motorbikes. Understanding what is required and the amount of pressure that should be applied can mean the difference between damaging the bodywork and creating a surface that is ready to be primed and painted or repaired.

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Shot and Abrasive Blasting Company in Sussex

Based in the heart of Sussex, White’s Bodyworks has a reputation that has been hard won over several decades. This is a family owned business and Phil and his team have worked hard to provide the level of service that customers are looking. You’ll always get a friendly welcome and a no-nonsense appraisal of any job that needs undertaking, including shot blasting and cleaning.

While modern cars are our bread and butter, throughout the years we’ve also been lucky enough to develop a reputation for handling all repairs and maintenance for classic cars and other vintage vehicles. It’s one of the reasons why customers come to us from many parts of the UK because they can depend on our experience and our passion for all things classic.

Shot blasting and cleaning is a specific service that requires the best equipment and teams that are highly trained. It’s not something that any garage can do well. At White’s, we ensure we work closely with our customers so that they can be sure of what to expect and are secure in the knowledge that the right approach is being taken.

If your car needs work that requires shot blasting and cleaning and you want a Sussex garage that really knows what they are doing, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks on 01273 933633 today to find out more.

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