September 7, 2018

Renault Carravelle

Renault have probably been more closely associated in recent years with family cars but they’ve actually delved into the world of sporting vehicles in the past on quite a few occasions. The Caravelle is quintessentially French, from the sleek design through to the engine in the boot it oozes Gaelic charm.

This brilliant two-seater came to us not so long ago for a respray and some restoration work.

History of the Renault Caravelle

Originally called the Floride, the car first hit the Paris Motor Show in 1958. The company was looking for a sporting model to rival the Volkswagen Beetle that was then coming from America. Hardtop and soft top models of the Caravelle were produced and it was a car that continued to evolve over the years with later versions coming with improvements in suspension.

The car was produced up until the summer of 1968 when it came under pressure from other lower-cost sports models, particularly from manufacturing regions like Italy.

Renovating the Caravelle

Cars that have an engine in the rear are fairly exceptional nowadays and we don’t see many of them at White’s Bodyworks. It was actually quite a popular design choice right up until the 80s when front engines became more the norm.

This Renault Caravelle was in reasonably good condition considering that it was getting on for 50 years old. The owner chose us because we have a fully equipped respray facility and have a track record of delivering for vintage cars of all types.

The first step was to reduce the car to just it’s body, carry out any repairs and preparing it for the respray. Preparation is the key part to any new body paintwork. Small defects can become suddenly magnified if they are not spotted and rectified at this stage – it’s vital to work from a smooth surface if you want everything to look just right and to be durable and last.

If you own a vintage car and need a new paint job to bring it back to life, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today on 01273 933633.


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