February 23, 2020

MG Midget

Compared to other small sports car, the MG Midget enjoyed extensive popularity in the UK and was manufactured right up until the 1980s. It’s still a favourite with many classic car owners and we’ve had a few turn up at our garage for repairs and renovations.

Like many enthusiasts, we get out to many of the classic car meets around the West Sussex and Home Counties area during the year. There’s always at least one MG Midget there to admire and faun over.

About the MG Midget

This classic two-seater car was first produced back in 1961 and was a more exclusive and expensive version of the Austin Healey. It quickly became a popular car on the roads but it was a vehicle that didn’t travel abroad well.
When a model was made for the American market, the makers had to increase the ride height and add bigger bumpers to meet local regulations. That meant the car was a little more difficult to handle and wasn’t as popular in the US as it was in the home UK market.

Classic Car Repairs at White’s Bodyworks

Each classic car comes with its own challenges. At White’s Bodyworks, we always liaise closely with car owners. Some want to do a little of the work for themselves, it’s part of their passion. Others want our team of talented mechanics to work their magic.

A classic car like the MG Midget often has bodywork issues such as rust and damaged infrastructure that needs to be repaired. The good news is that sourcing new or second-hand parts for a car like this is still relatively easy.
We always try to restore cars to their original condition using the right, contemporary components. Sourcing them, in some cases, can be pretty challenging but it’s something we also excel at.

If you are thinking of buying a classic car and need a team that can carry out a full or partial renovation or repair, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex on 01273 933633 today.


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