June 20, 2018

1969 MGB Roadster

Who doesn’t love an MGB? It’s certainly most people’s idea of a great classic car. Whenever we get an MGB in the garage, it’s usually an opportunity for the whole team to gather around and take a good look. This 1969 Roadster was no exception.

Needing some restoration and a respray is one thing. At White’s Bodyworks, we know how much these vintage vehicles mean to their owners. Most aren’t simply looking to sell on for a profit, they have bought the car because they really want to drive it on the road and appreciate it.

Getting their car ready is our team’s job and we’re pretty good at it.

More About the 1969 MGB Roadster

The Roadster was originally introduced in 1962 and quickly became the sporting choice for many young motorists. Made popular by TV series like The Saint, it was a uniquely European sports vehicle with a lot of power. Perhaps not the most comfortable ride, it remains today one of the first choices when people are starting to explore the world of vintage vehicles.

What White’s Bodywork Did

What we pride ourselves in at White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex is that we work with all owners to makes sure their expectations are being delivered on. We’ve got a lot of experience renovating, restoring and repairing classic cars such as this and that’s one reason why people come to us from all over the country.

Repairs to bodywork need to be carried out meticulously and we always have to be aware that we are working on someone’s most valued possession.

If you own a classic car and it requires renovation, repair or a respray, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today on 01273 933633.


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