August 5, 2019

1928 Morris Cowley

As you might expect, at White’s Bodyworks our big passion is cars and motorbikes. So when this 1928 Morris Cowley came over the threshold of our garage you can imagine how we were all gathered around it, taking a good look.

When a classic car comes to us, whatever it’s vintage, we can never be quite sure what the job is going to be. Some require minor repairs, others are looking at a complete renovation. This Cowley has been pretty well looked after and lovingly restored by its owner.

Some classic car owners like to do much of the work themselves when it comes to renovations but they use us for the more complicated or specialist stuff or things that require a fully equipped workshop.

The 1928 Morris Cowley

The Morris Cowley was the budget vehicle of it’s time, though was still too expensive for ‘ordinary folk’. It was similar to the more expensive Oxford and had 8.9hp engines designed by White and Poppe. The make was first introduced to the roads in 1915 and had an American influence on its design.

Despite it’s cheaper price, reviews at the time suggested that it was a car that was well able to punch above its weight and compared well to the slightly classier Oxford.

As you might expect, there aren’t that many 1928 Morris Cowleys around anymore so this one was a pleasure to see in our garage in West Sussex.

Renovating the 1928 Morris Cowley

The work we were carrying out on this particular model involved renovating the petrol tank. More like a bath than a modern tank, we stripped down the metal and carried out repairs and then completed everything with a respray in black.

When you’re dealing with a classic car such as this, it’s really important to make sure that you don’t damage the integrity and heritages of the vehicle. As far as possible, traditional techniques work well, so no fibreglass here to repair damaged areas – just old fashioned metal.

The Home Counties and Sussex are filled with classic car enthusiasts and finding a garage that can handle everything that needs to be done can be difficult. At White’s Bodyworks, we have decades of experience working with a range of vintage car repairs, servicing and renovation.

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