As you might expect, at White’s Bodyworks our big passion is cars and motorbikes. So when this 1928 Morris Cowley came over the threshold of our garage you can imagine how we were all gathered around it, taking a good look.

When a classic car comes to us, whatever it’s vintage, we can never be quite sure what the job is going to be. Some require minor repairs, others are looking at a complete renovation. This Cowley has been pretty well looked after and lovingly restored by its owner.

Some classic car owners like to do much of the work themselves when it comes to renovations but they use us for the more complicated or specialist stuff or things that require a fully equipped workshop.

The 1928 Morris Cowley

The Morris Cowley was the budget vehicle of it’s time, though was still too expensive for ‘ordinary folk’. It was similar to the more expensive Oxford and had 8.9hp engines designed by White and Poppe. The make was first introduced to the roads in 1915 and had an American influence on its design.

Despite it’s cheaper price, reviews at the time suggested that it was a car that was well able to punch above its weight and compared well to the slightly classier Oxford.

As you might expect, there aren’t that many 1928 Morris Cowleys around anymore so this one was a pleasure to see in our garage in West Sussex.

Renovating the 1928 Morris Cowley

The work we were carrying out on this particular model involved renovating the petrol tank. More like a bath than a modern tank, we stripped down the metal and carried out repairs and then completed everything with a respray in black.

When you’re dealing with a classic car such as this, it’s really important to make sure that you don’t damage the integrity and heritages of the vehicle. As far as possible, traditional techniques work well, so no fibreglass here to repair damaged areas – just old fashioned metal.

The Home Counties and Sussex are filled with classic car enthusiasts and finding a garage that can handle everything that needs to be done can be difficult. At White’s Bodyworks, we have decades of experience working with a range of vintage car repairs, servicing and renovation.

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Sometimes a renovation job comes to our garage forecourt at White’s Bodyworks that really does challenge our team. The Morris Minor is an iconic British car and we’ve seen a good few over the years.

This one needed a good deal of restoration and repair, all followed by a complete body spray to help restore it to its former glory. There’s a strong club network for Morris Minors in the UK so there’s always some expertise to call on when we need it, especially once we start working restoring a car.

The good news is that over the last couple of decades we’ve seen a whole host of different vintage vehicles at White’s. It’s why we’re often the first port of call for major repairs, renovations and classic car resprays.

More About the Morris Minor

You can’t not recognise a Morris Minor when you see it on the road. Some of the classic car owners that we deal with over the years have models dating back to the late 50s and 60s that they lovingly look after.

Morris Motors began producing cars in 1948 and produced 1.2 million vehicles between then and 1972. They, more than any company, bought the family car to the UK, making them affordable and the most popular vehicle on the road at the time.

What We Did to the Morris Minor

At White’s, whenever a classic car comes into our care, we take a lot of time to work with the owner and find out what their expectations are. Some vintage vehicle enthusiasts want to do some of the work themselves, others like a professional garage to do most of the heavy lifting.

We’re happy to work with owners and be flexible in our approach. The key with this particular Morris Minor was to carry out body repairs and then do a professional respray that really did return the car to pristine condition.

If you are a vintage car owner and want a repair and restoration garage you can count on, contact White’s Bodyworks on 01273 933633.

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The Morris Oxford is a classic car enthusiasts classic car. A favourite that never seems to lose its shine. You won’t be surprised that there’s a strong Morris fan club in the UK and they’re the sort of cars you often see at local fetes and festivals as well as classic car meets.

We’ve seen a few Morris Oxfords and Morris Minors at our workshop in Hassocks, West Sussex, over the years. It’s not only a vintage vehicle that people like to collect, it’s also a car that is still driven on modern roads quite regularly.

The History of the Morris Oxford

The Morris Oxford is one of the most enduring cars ever produced in the UK. Models came off the production line as long ago as 1913 and it continued to be made right up until 1971. It was one of the most reliable cars on British roads and by far the most popular.

Compared to other vintage cars, the Morris is a little more robust than most and major work rarely needs to be carried out as long as the vehicle has been cared for properly. After 50 or so years, however, this particular car required repairs to the chassis to keep it on the road.

Classic Car Chassis Welding at White’s Bodyworks

Whether it’s minor work removing dings and dents or something more substantial like car chassis welding, it’s important to make sure your classic car is dealt with by a garage who know what they are doing.

At White’s Bodyworks, we have all the equipment and expertise you could want to help fix your vehicle. We can handle any make of car, whatever condition it is in. We’ve even helped restore classics from fairly dire condition to look as good as new.

If you are searching for a classic car expert and a garage you can trust to restore or repair your vehicle, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today on 01273 933633.

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