September 7, 2021

Common Causes of Car Breakdowns

There’s nothing worse than when your car breaks down. At White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex, we often see vehicles that have lurched to a halt for one reason or another. Fortunately, if you have some breakdown cover, it’s usually easy to get started again and get repairs carried out.

1. Flat Battery

According to the AA, this is the most common reason they get called out. Flat batteries are more likely in winter and can happen if you leave your lights on or don’t use your car for a long while. Our tip is to double-check you switch everything off when you leave the car and drive regularly to maintain the charge in your battery. That should prevent problems even in cold weather.

2. Lost Keys

Not exactly a breakdown but common nonetheless, people often lose their keys and can’t get into their car at all. There’s a simple solution to this – make sure you keep a spare set at home.

3. Damage to Tyres

The next most common reason that breakdown services are called out is for punctures and other tyre damage.

This can often happen after hitting a pothole or curbside so it’s important to check if you have a little bump like this. Changing a wheel is not that difficult but one thing that people struggle with is getting the nuts off in the first place – make sure you invest in a good jack to solve that problem.

4. Putting in the Wrong Fuel

This can be very frustrating but it happens more often than people think. You’re in a hurry and pick up the wrong nozzle at the petrol station, pouring diesel into your car instead of petrol. There’s no easy solution to this and your tank will need to be drained and flushed through.

The other big cause of a breakdown, of course, is people running out of petrol when they are far from a station. Keep an eye on your petrol gauge and make sure you fill up in time to avoid this.

5. Engine Faults

Other common causes of breakdown include problems with the alternator and the starter motor. Both these can bring you to a complete halt. The symptom of a growing alternator problem is if you are having battery trouble and your lights are dimming while idling.

Starter motor issues can be avoided if you have a regular service that is likely to spot any problems before they get worse.

Why You Should Call White’s Bodyworks

These are the most common reasons for a breakdown but others can be more serious such as faults with the engine. If you spot your engine warning light coming on, it’s critical not to ignore it. The quicker you can get to your local garage, the quicker it can be diagnosed and fixed – leaving things may just make everything worse.

At White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex, we have a whole team of experienced mechanics who can get you on the road again. If you have a problem with your car, contact us to find out how we can help.


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