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When it comes to giving your car a new coat of paint, it’s important to choose a respray garage that not only has the right equipment but the experienced staff on site as well. If you want your car to look as good as new, it’s worth realizing that respraying is more than just a can of paint and some masking tape.

It’s more of an art form than you think.

White’s Bodyworks in Hassocks, Sussex, is one of the leading garages for car respray services in the Home Counties. We’ve got all the best equipment on site and a host quality respray professionals who’ve earned their stripes and have many years’ experience delivering quality finishes.

That’s why car owners come to us from as far afield as Kent and Surrey as well as East and West Sussex. Phil and the team at White’s have some 27 years’ experience providing car respray services and their reputation has developed over that time.

In nearly three decades of great service, we’ve worked on every kind of car you can imagine from Audis and Fords to Hondas and BMWs. We’ve also worked with a number of classic cars, helping to renovate and restore them to first class condition – including finishing things off with classic car resprays that match the original design.

There are several reasons your car might need a respray. There’s the damage caused by time, for one. You might have been in an accident and suffered dents and scratching that you want to cover. You may just want to change the colour of your vehicle for some reason.

At White’s Bodyworks, we ensure you have access to the right materials and facilities and a team who really know what they’re doing with each car respray. If you’re looking for the best and want to get your car back to pristine condition, contact us today on 01273 933633.

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What Makes a Good Car Paint Job?

A lot goes into even the simplest car respray where a few scratches are being covered. Preparation is key and to get that right you need to understand what you are doing.

Substandard car resprays are often the result of poor preparation, leaving the underlying surface uneven or with issues such as rust and not taking enough time. Ideally, what you want is the final finish to look as good as it did when the car came off the assembly line. It’s not a job you should rush.

You may want either a full paint job or a partial one, perhaps a door or bonnet where there is damage. That means carefully matching up the colour combination so that you can’t tell the difference between what’s new and what is already there. Reds aren’t all the same and even a slight difference in shade can look completely wrong.

The reason we get customers coming from around Sussex, Kent and Surrey in such large numbers is they know their car respray is going to be done properly. It takes many years of experience to deliver excellence in car resprays and we’ve got everything you need.

Our qualified respray teams understand the nuances that come with each model of car. They’re able to find the right materials, including paint, even if it’s for a rare classic car. We’ve got plenty of examples of work we’ve done on our portfolio page. Take a look at this classic 1973 MGB GT that we both helped renovate and gave a full respray for. Or this Audi A6 body repair we undertook recently.

Car Respray Specialists With All The Right Skills

Making sure your car looks as good as new isn’t simply down to pot luck. It takes a lot of skill, training, know-how and dedication. We use the best quality paints and won’t skimp on the job simply to save ourselves time or make a profit. We do it right and we do it right first time.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality car respray services that don’t cost the earth but which always meet your expectations. The last thing you want is a paint job that looks uneven, doesn’t match the rest of your car or simple begins to peel or degrade after a few weeks or months.

At White’s Bodyworks in Sussex, we have all the facilities needed to handle any kind of car respray. If you are searching for a garage where the staff take care and always deliver on expectations, contact Phil and his professional team today on 01273 933633.

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