March 15, 2021

A Quick Guide to Classic Car Clubs in the UK

At White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex, we see quite a few classic cars crossing our forecourt every year and it’s something our team of mechanics are very passionate about.

If you own a vintage vehicle of any type, joining a local or national classic car club is a great idea, not only for meeting likeminded people and attending organised events but getting advice and support and those all-important spare parts.

The good news is that the UK has lots of different clubs and organisations, both national and local, which are easy to join and have numerous benefits for members.

Here’s our quick guide to some of the most popular.

The MG Owners’ Club

Started way back in the early 70s, the MG Owners’ Club has several affiliates or chapters throughout the UK and organises a bunch of tours each year. This gives MG owners the chance to mix with other members and meet up regularly for drives and other events.

MGs are fantastic cars and the company was first created back in the early 1920s. The MGs we’ve all come to know and love began to shape following the Second World War and you’ll often see classics from the 60s and 70s on the road even today.

The MG Owners Club website offers all sorts of hints and tips for owners and includes a robust forum where MG enthusiasts can share information online. Find out more here.

Morris Minor Owners Club

The Morris Minor is probably one of the most popular vintage vehicles in the UK and there are many owners with cars that have been loved and well looked after since the late 1950s and 60s.

This is another long-standing organisation that has several different affiliates around the UK and there are plenty of local club events held throughout the year to take advantage of. Each branch has its website or Facebook page and there’s plenty of opportunities to engage with other members, get access to rare parts and join in at vintage shows. Find out more here.

American Auto Club UK

Many vintage car enthusiasts love American classics and these vehicles always cause a stir at local events. While small compared to other clubs, the American Auto Club runs three major car events during the year as well as those organised by their local affiliates around the country.

There you’ll find a mix of amazing cars from Thunderbirds and Dodges to the odd Corvette and Mustang. We must say, the team at White’s Bodyworks love nothing more than an American classic. Find out more here.

Storrington and District Classic and Sportscar Enthusiasts (SADCASE)

Based in Sussex, SADCASE started in the late noughties and has grown in membership since then. With regular local meets at local spots like the Pagham Beach Café, this is a small but busy club.

They take part in events such as Cranleigh Classic Car Show and are probably one of the leading clubs in the West Sussex area. Membership is free and there is no committee as there is with other clubs – it’s basically about enthusiasts getting together and having fun, often on the spur of the moment. Find out more here.

British Mini Club

Like the much loved Morris Minor, the Mini is another British classic that we often see on our roads. At White’s Bodyworks, we’ve helped restore and maintain a few amazing models over the years.

The British Mini Club was established in 1992 and now has thousands of members across the UK. It’s a more formal club than many others and doesn’t just include classic car owners but modern ones as well. You can benefit from things like discounted insurance and cut-price entry to four major events held throughout the year. Find out more here.

Classic Car Tours

This is less of a club and more of a way to get out and about with like-minded people or on your own. Most classic car owners simply want to travel on the road and these tours held over the year are the perfect way to get involved, meet other car owners and have some fun at the same time.

The Scottish Highland Tour, for example, has 4 nights of accommodation, with food included and some amazing drives through areas like Loch Ness and Inverness. Find out more here.

The Benefits of Joining a Local Classic Car Club

On top of these nationally focused classic car clubs, you’ll be able to find some local to you as well. A few of these may focus on a particular make or model, others are simply about vintage cars in general and getting together as a community. There are some benefits to joining clubs like these:

  • The first is the sharing of information and advice. The great thing about classic car owners is that they’re always there to help, whether it’s advising on how to best renovate a vehicle, where to find rare parts or what events to join in with.
  • Many clubs also offer members discounts on a variety of things such as insurance and cut-price entry to local and national gatherings.
  • If you’re looking to buy a vehicle, joining a classic car club is a great way to keep your pulse on the latest offerings. Many sites have retail sections with vehicles and parts on sale from members.

At White’s Bodyworks, we often pay a visit to local classic car events around West Sussex and the Home Counties. Many of our team have a passion for vintage vehicles and motorbikes and love nothing more than chewing the fat with other enthusiasts. It’s also a great opportunity to see some amazing vehicles up close.

If you need repair or restoration work carried out on your classic car or simply want a service and MOT, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today. Our fully equipped garage and our high level of expertise mean that we can offer a one-stop-shop for all your needs.


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