Date:July 10, 2013

Mercedes 190E Repair, Restoration & Respray

Bringing an 1980s Mercedes Classic Back to Life

mercedes 190e masked for restorationAt White’s Bodyworks, we’ve dealt with a wide range of classic cars over the years and we certainly love to see a Mercedes in the workshop. From repairing dents and putting right the rust to renovating engines and respraying, vintage vehicles often need a lot of repairs, particularly when it comes to that all-important bodywork. That was just the case with this Mercedes 90E which had suffered some serious rear end damage.

The Mercedes 90E

mercedes 190e after respray
The 90E was introduced in the early 1980s, a time when Europe was suffering from recession. Mercedes wanted to produce a more cost effective car range which people could afford and that would compete directly with BMWs of the time. The car was a big success and it was in production for almost a decade. In recent years it’s come into the classic car range and is seen as a good investment, not only because of the engineering but the solid bodywork as well.

Mercedes 90E Repairs

mercedes 190e, before 2 small_93626
There was a lot of work to do on the rear end of this delightful looking Mercedes. In the end, it turned out to be something of a full restoration of this area. That included removing the spoilers, repairing the boot lid and sides and then carrying out a repaint that matched the car’s colour exactly. The final finish left the rear end looking as good as new.


mercedes 190e, before small_23469

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