Classic Car Servicing, Mechanics, Repairs & MOTs

It’s one thing to bring a classic car back from the dead, it’s another to keep it on the road. Any classic car enthusiast knows that a good deal of loving care and attention is really what’s needed.

It’s important to work with a garage that knows what they are doing when it comes to the mechanics, repairs and even MOT of your vehicle.

Why White’s Bodyworks?

First and foremost, we combine our great passion for vintage cars with a huge amount of experience. We’ve been at this for the last 20 years’, which is why we’re well known among classic car enthusiasts and have such a good reputation.

While our skill is in restoring classic cars to their former glory, we also do the other work your car will need from time to time. Whether it’s fixing dings and dents or replacing rare parts, we use the best practice and ensure your car stays as near to its original condition as possible.

Classic Car Servicing & MOT

Because you own a classic car, the act of servicing and MOT can take on a whole new meaning. You want someone who knows their way around your vehicle and who isn’t going to cause any damage because they don’t know what they are doing.

Booking that yearly service and MOT at White’s Bodyworks means you don’t have to worry.
An oil change on a modern car can be a breeze compared to a classic car. Most other garages won’t know what to look for when they’re carrying out an MOT on a vintage Jenson Interceptor or a ’69 MGB Roadster. Our classic car team will.

Classic Car Mechanics

Anything can go wrong with the internal mechanism of a vintage car. Our team are experts at sourcing the right parts, even if they’re pretty rare and take a bit of searching out. We know what we’re doing when it comes to putting things right.

As one of the leading classic car garages in the South West of England, if not the UK, we always work closely with owners so they understand exactly what is going on at all times.

Classic Car Repairs

As with any car that’s out on the road, classics can suffer from collisions and get various scratches and dents. The passing of time can also cause problems. You may have rusting bodywork or a part that’s reached the end of its days and worn down.

Our classic car repair team is on hand to help you out. There’s a lot of skill that goes into repairing the dings and dents and replacing classic car parts. Getting it right is not for the faint hearted.

The Classic Car Experts You Want on Your Side

You’ll often find our team at local and national vintage car events. It’s something of a passion of ours. Not only have we helped return a few great cars from the scrap heap in the past, White’s also provides the specialist servicing, repairs and MOT that your vintage vehicle needs.

Whether you live in Sussex or a little further afield, if you have a classic car and want it looked after by an experienced garage, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today.

We take the worry out of maintenance and servicing.

Contact us today: 07843 625021 / 01273 933633 /

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