The Lure of the Abandoned Classic

We wrote an article recently about a whole bunch of classic cars that were about to go under auction in Holland. The tale of Mr Palmen’s collection certainly got the world talking. You can find out more here. 

Since then, we’ve come across a couple of other intriguing finds and we’re just beginning to wonder how many stockpiles of classic cars there are hidden away in remote collections. It’s certainly something that gets us excited here at White’s Bodyworks. 

Chester Finds

There was a recent report in the news of a country house in Chester that had stood for a couple of hundred years but had more recently been left abandoned. The haul of vintage vehicles may be worth more than £20 million according to experts. 

It’s amazing to us how these sites can remain hidden for so long. This one was finally discovered by a popular YouTuber who has been exploring old buildings since she was just 14 years old. Tokyo Scott, now 19, has an obsession with places where nature is beginning to take back control of houses and other buildings. 

The story goes that owner of the house died some time ago and left everything to his children but they didn’t seem to show interest. In essence, the building was left to decay and when Tokyo found it, the place was largely overgrown and falling apart. 

Tokyo runs a YouTube channel called Exploring with Josh and has visited hundreds of abandoned locations around the world and filmed them for her fans. The cars on site were in a pretty poor state having been left to the elements for so long but included a 1987 Ford, vintage red Rover and BMW. 

Another site was uncovered recently by urban explorer Daniel Sims in 2022. He found what seemed to be a ‘car farm’ that contained between 50 and 70 vehicles including an old fire truck that is thought to be almost 100 years old. 

Suffolk Find

Urban explorers seem to be a thing – we’ve never heard of them before – but they’ve been doing some stirring work over the last few years. Our favourite is this find in Suffolk. 

Matt and Andy originally wanted to explore an abandoned house. They run a YouTube channel and website called FindersBeepers and they’ve visited many remote areas to uncover their secrets. Mostly it’s old buildings that have fallen into disrepair. 

You can imagine their excitement, however, when in a secluded wooded area they came across a literal graveyard of old cars and there were some classic models among them. 

The pair documented their incredible findings on their YouTube channel, FindersBeepers, where they showcased a goldmine of old classic cars that have been abandoned.

One of the finds that certainly caught our eye was the Jowett Javelin, a remarkable classic and one that we’d love to have under our wing at White’s Bodyworks. 

The car was produced by Jowett Cars Ltd between 1947 to 1953. It was an innovative and advanced vehicle for its time, featuring several unique design elements and engineering solutions. The Javelin's distinctive appearance, along with its reliable performance and affordable price, made it a popular choice among car buyers in the immediate post-war era.

Under the hood, the Javelin was powered by a horizontally opposed, water-cooled, 1.5-litre, four-cylinder engine. This engine layout, known as the "Flat Four," was another distinctive feature of the car. It produced around 50 horsepower, which meant it could reach a top speed of approximately 80 miles per hour. The Javelin also incorporated independent front suspension and rack-and-pinion steering, which further enhanced its driving dynamics.

Another car that appeared in the video was a Bentley S2 which was manufactured between 1959 and 1962 and was the height of luxury. 

We haven’t found out what has happened to the cars yet, but we’ll keep you updated. From the images and videos, many were in pretty good shape considering they had been abandoned for so long. 

Why Choose White’s Bodyworks

Some of the cars in the finds seem to be in pretty bad shape, others are almost pristine. Returning a classic car to its original condition, of course, is a labour of love and involves a lot of hard work. While many classic owners want to do as much of the restoration as possible themselves, there can be certain tasks and repairs that are beyond their capabilities. 

That’s where a team like White’s Bodyworks comes in. We’ve got more than 20 years of delivering high-quality renovations and restorations for a whole range of classic vehicles. You can check out our current portfolio here. Whether it’s repairing bodywork or respraying panels, replacing engines or simply removing dents and scratches, we’ve got everything you need. 

If you’re restoring a classic, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today to see how we can help. 


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