Scooter Repairs, Restorations and Resprays

Throughout Sussex and across the UK

At White’s Bodyworks, our experienced teams can handle all scooter repairs, including restorations and body resprays. Whether you have a brilliant old Vespa or a modern Suzuki, we’ll be able to diagnose, service, repair and restore you scooter.

You’ll get a friendly welcome when you book your scooter into White’s Bodyworks. Our staff know everything you could want to know about a whole range of models, from the classic to the latest models.

Based in Sussex, you can always on a repair team committed to delivering consistently high levels of service. You might have a new scooter that’s suffered a crash or you own a vintage model that requires some loving restoration. Whatever your requirements, we have the facilities and expertise you can count on.

We handle everything from electrical problems, worn brakes and replacement tyres and wheels to solving engine problems, scooter rebuilds and servicing and MOTs.

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Recent Scooter Repairs, Resprays and Restorations

Scooter Repairs

You may have had just a small collision but it’s knocked out your frame out of alignment. Perhaps you have a dent or ding in the bodywork that you want repairing. Maybe you need to replace or repair areas where rust has got under the paintwork.

With more than 20 years’ experience dealing with all kinds of vehicles, there’s probably very little that we haven’t seen at our garage in Sussex. When you bring your scooter to our team, you can be sure we know what we’re doing.

Scooter Restorations

One of our specialities at White’s Bodyworks is handling restorations. Whether you have an old model scooter that you want sprucing up or have found a vintage bike in a garage somewhere that has seen better days, you’ll find plenty of experience and know-how at White’s Bodyworks. We’ve got an excellent reputation for bringing classics back to life, whether that’s repairing the bodywork or sourcing and replacing hard to find engine parts.

Maybe you have a classic Vespa or Lambretta that you want to bring back to life. These iconic scooters are perhaps some of the most popular choices for collectors and are seen at many shows and rallies around the UK. There’s nothing our repair and restoration team in Sussex love to see than a vintage bike that comes with its own rich history.

Scooter Resprays

Paintwork on any vehicle will suffer over time. When it comes to scooters, scratches and dents often seem to appear out of nowhere. If you think your bike needs a respray or you simply want to change the colour, bring it to our dedicated spray room and meet the team who are able to give you a superior finish. Over the years, we’ve worked on everything from classic cars to modern motorcycles and handled a fair few scooters in between.

You’ll get a professional respray from our dedicated team that will leave your scooter looking brand new and with a long-lasting finish.

Whether you have major damage to your scooter or the problem is something smaller, it’s important to use a repair garage that really has your best interests at heart. White’s Bodyworks have been operating for the last 20 years and built up a strong reputation over that time. Customers come to us, not just from in and around Sussex, but across the UK.

Our team is committed to providing high levels of service when it comes to repair, restoration and resprays. You’ll get a no-nonsense approach and experienced people who will help in any way they can. That can include handling insurance work where you have been in an accident.

If your scooter needs repairs, restoration or a respray, get in touch with White’s Bodyworks today.

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