June 1, 2023

Reuniting with a 1930s Classic Morris

We love a good news story here at White’s Bodyworks and when one comes along concerning a vintage vehicle we’re particularly interested. There’s no doubt that classic car owners can become very attached to their vehicles and selling them on can be a heart-wrenching business. 

We were touched by a story on the BBC recently about 87 year old Lloyd Thomas who was reunited with his 1934 Morris by the care home staff who were looking after him. 

Remarkably, Mr Thomas had owned this classic car for more than 50 years before he finally decided to sell it in 2012. In 1990, he carried out a complete refurbish of the vehicle, stripping it down and rebuilding it, repainting areas like the woodwork and repairing the leather seats. 

After listening to Mr Thomas’s stories of the car, the care home manager decided to track it down. The new owner had bought the car in 2012 and transported it 185 miles to Dorset but they were happy to bring it up to the care home for an emotional reunion. Looking at pictures of a classic car in pristine condition on the BBC website certainly made us purr with delight at White’s Bodyworks. 

The Classic Pre-War Morris Minor

The 1934 Morris Two-Seater that Lloyd owned was a popular British sports car manufactured by one of the most well-known companies of the time, Morris Motors Limited. It was an iconic model that captured the essence of motoring during this pre-war decade and became a symbol of the height of British automotive engineering at the time.

The car was introduced as a successor to the earlier models that quickly gained considerable popularity in the 1920s. The design launched in 1934 featured significant improvements in terms of performance, comfort, and aesthetics, however. It was based on a strong chassis but a lightweight body, making it more agile and responsive on the road compared to other cars.

The 1934 Morris was equipped with a 918cc four-cylinder engine, capable of producing around 27 horsepower. Coupled with a smooth four-speed manual transmission, it delivered a satisfying driving experience that certainly sets it apart from the competition of the day. The Morris had a top speed of approximately 60 miles per hour which was pretty respectable for the time.

The exterior design of the Morris is sleek and stylish, a dream for any classic car owner. It is characterised by rounded curves and flowing lines that were not entirely typical of the time. The two comfortable seats provided ample space for the driver and one passenger and the folding roof could be opened or closed easily, allowing for an open-top driving experience on sunny days or protection from the elements when necessary.

The dashboard contained essential gauges and controls and the seats were upholstered in high-quality leather. At the time it was lauded for being a comfortable ride and for its excellent handling. That made it a joy to drive both in urban areas and on open roads and a popular choice with the growing number of motoring enthusiasts.

Despite its success, production of the Morris was halted in 1939 when World War II started. As with many businesses, the Morris factory was repurposed for wartime production and shifted its focus towards military vehicles and equipment.

Today, the 1934 Morris Two-Seater remains a rare and beloved classic car, cherished by collectors and vintage car enthusiasts. Finding a Morris in this kind of perfect condition is pretty amazing and the fact that it has been so well looked after is even more heartwarming. 87 years old Lloyd Thomas was able to drive in the car he had owned for more than 50 years once more bringing back many, many memories.

White’s Bodyworks for Classic Car Renovations

Over the years, we’ve had some amazing cars in our workshop in West Sussex, including at one time a 1928 Morris Cowley. With a fully equipped garage, we’re able to handle everything from full restorations to minor repairs and everything in between for our customers. 

One of the things that set us apart from other bodywork shops around the UK is our passion for classic cars of all types. You’ll often find members of our team at vintage vehicle gatherings around the local area and even further afield. 

We work closely with car owners to deliver the service they need to get their vintage vehicles back on the road again. We can do those jobs which you’re not equipped to do and provide great advice if you are undertaking a restoration or refurbishment. Whether it’s major work or just a small dent removal or service, we’re here to help. 

If you’d like to find out more, check out our portfolio page to see what types of cars we’ve worked on over the years. 


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