July 30, 2019

TVR Tuscan

While not a complete classic when it comes to cars that pass through our forecourt at White’s Bodyworks in Sussex, the TVR Tuscan has all the hallmarks you might expect to find in one.

It’s a sleek looking sports car which sets the heart thumping if you’re a car enthusiast. TVR had a bit of a chequered history when it came to sports car but they certainly knew how to create a good looking design.

TVR Tuscans were produced between 1999 and 2006 and there were a host of different engine options available. This one came to our garage a little while ago and was in need of a chassis restoration and repair, something our team excel at.

It’s a pretty common issue with this make of car – it has steel tubing wrapped in a protective layer which can erode over time. It’s not unusual to find areas of rust and our job here was to strengthen and repair the parts where that rust had taken hold.

The TVR Chassis Repairs

A full scale refurbishment of a TVR chassis is not a simple undertaking. It requires stripping, blasting and repairing damaged areas and then reapplying a protective coat. It’s something that needs a mechanic who knows what they are doing.
Most TVRs don’t get through their life without some issue with this area and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your chassis area if you own one.

If it’s been a while since this area of the car was checked out, you might want to get it down to a reputable garage for a quick once over.

History of the TVR Tuscan

Off the production line, the TVR Tuscan was capable of doing 0-60 in about 3.68 seconds and it’s the kind of car that looks like it should be on a racetrack. Fans of the movie Swordfish might have noticed the car in a scene or two of the movie.

The TVR Tuscan is fairly typical of classic cars that come to us and require some specialise work undertaking. Repairing the chassis is something that requires a good deal of expertise, as you might expect. The good news is that’s something White’s Bodyworks has plenty of!

If you need repairs to your car and want a garage you can trust, contact White’s Bodyworks on 01273 933633.


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