November 15, 2018

Trumph Stag

The restoration and respray of this Triumph Stag is typical of the kind of work we carry out at White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex. This popular sports car from the 70s was the luxury ride of its day and was often seen in TV series through the decade.

It’s still a pretty good looking car and we were pleased to see it heading into our garage for some serious work.

More About the Triumph Stag

Triumph were one of the most popular car brands throughout the last century and produced a wide range of models. The Triumph Stag was the company’s attempt to compete with the increasingly popular Mercedes-Benz.

Design work on it began as far back as 1963 but it wasn’t until 1970 that it actually hit the market in the UK. Just under 26,000 were made before it went out of production in 1977. Nowadays, it’s fairly rare to see a Triumph Stag in our workshop but there is a healthy UK club that arranges meets around the country each year.

The big problem with the Stag, however, was that it developed a reputation for being unreliable in the early days of production. It looked good but there were issues with the engine that meant many owners ended up changing it with an engine from the Rover V8. That aside, it’s still a good looking car and, as long as you can sort out the motor, it’s a great drive as well.

Restorations and Resprays at White’s Bodyworks

There’s no doubt that any restoration and respray is going to be a pretty big job and there was a lot of work to do with this particular Triumph Stag. Once the restoration work is completed, it’s all about carefully prepping the surface for a full body respray. You need to have the right equipment on-site to do this professionally.

Particularly when it comes to classic cars, we undertake a lot of restorations and resprays at our West Sussex garage. If you have a car that needs repair and some paintwork completing, the good news is we have the expert team who can help you out.
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