December 2, 2018

Triumph Spitfire MK3

We love a Triumph Spitfire at White’s Bodyworks. It’s one of those classic cars you can see yourself driving down a sunny country lane in. The Triumph Spitfire MK3 is an iconic British car with plenty of character and one which we’ve seen quite often at White’s Bodyworks.

When this fine example of the classic car turned up at our garage, it certainly gave our team plenty to do. Bodywork repairs and a full respray were the main challenges and it’s something that really takes a specialist team to work on if you want a proper job doing.

Car resprays are often botched because the preparation work isn’t carried out well. Minor defects can show up pretty badly once the paint goes on. Our dedicated spray shop allows us to handle major jobs like this on classic cars and obtain a perfect finish.

The History of the Triumph Spitfire MK3

This two seater car sits low to the ground and packs a punch. There’s something about the growl of the Spitfire engine that even gets less hardened classic car enthusiasts a little excited.

The Spitfire was one of the most successful cars of the 60s and 70s. By the time it went out of production in 1980 it had spent nearly two decades as an iconic symbol of British driving. Despite it’s long run, only around 300,000 cars were ever built and they are now a popular choice with classic car enthusiasts.

How White’s Returned the Spitfire to its Former Glory

As we said earlier, preparation is key with any body respray, more so when you are dealing with a beautiful classic like this. Vintage car owners are very particular in who they choose to do work like this as you can imagine.

Sanding down and smoothing out the surface in preparation for the first coat of paint requires a solid understanding of the Spitfire’s design. You can’t afford to miss a step, take shortcuts or skimp on materials. We’ve handled a lot of classic car resprays over the years and it’s something our team has a high degree of expertise in.

If you are looking for a local garage that knows it’s way around a classic car and has a passion for delivering great results, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks on 01273 933633.


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