July 18, 2013

Suzuki SB3 Bimota

Just like classic car owners, bikers have a strong affinity with their rides. Many have vintage motorbikes that they have owned for decades. The Suzuki SB3 is a high-performance bike that dates to the 1980s but it’s also a bike that looks just as good on the road today as it did all those years ago.

At White’s Bodyworks, we not only deal with classic cars but older motorbikes too. We’ve got something of a reputation for providing a high level of service, whether it’s stripping and respraying a tank or working on the engine.

More About the Suzuki SB3 Bimota

Suzuki is probably one of the most enduring motorcycle brands in the world. Bimota was a relatively small manufacturer that was responsible for making custom and production scale motorbikes. They were particularly adept at customising makes such as Suzuki and Honda and quickly established a reputation around the world.

These were great looking bikes that came with plenty of power and certainly give a satisfying roar as they head on up the road. This is the sort of bike that classic bike enthusiasts like to ride and maintaining them is a serious business.

Motorbike Repairs at White’s Bodyworks

When bikers come to a garage like ours, the first thing they want to see is that we are fully equipped and that we know what we are doing. With specialists on board, we take a great deal of pride in the service we provide.

With any bike repair or restoration, attention to detail is paramount. Returning a part or even a whole bike to pristine condition is no easy job. Over the years, we’ve provided repair and renovations for a wide range of different motorcycles from ageing classics to modern, high tech bikes.

If you are searching for a classic motorbike garage that has the right experience, knowledge and skill you need, contact our team on 01273 933633 today.


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