February 22, 2014

A Riley One-Point-Five restoration that will finish in style

Sometimes it is the best loved classic cars that need the most work. This Riley One-Point-Five is a case in point.

Many Rileys were successfully raced and rallied in their day – and beautifully restored models can still be seen today in historical sporting events.

The One-Point-Five that came to us is going to need some tough love, hard graft and plenty of restoration know-how if it is to once again relive its glory days. Its sorry state today is in direct contrast to its illustrious history: this little beauty had guts as well as speed and it was tough enough to compete in the Monte Carlo rally. Restoring it is going to be as gruelling as the rally that it once competed in but we are working with its owner to give it a stylish finish so it can once again finish in style.

Phase one of our restoration is concentrating on making the car structurally solid so re-fabrication is the name of the game.

The Riley One-Point-Five was introduced in 1957 along with its slightly less powerful sister model – the Wolseley 1500. Both were based on the Morris Minor floorpan, suspension and steering but fitted with the larger 1489 cc B-Series engine and MG Magnette gearbox. They were designed as more mature models that would eventually replace the Minor but the enduring appeal of the older car saw it outliving its souped-up siblings.

It is on the classic shaped floorplan that our restoration work begins. We need to carefully and sympathetically re-fabricate much of the original floor pans.

  • The inner and outer sills on both sides need cutting out and welding in
  • Both A pillars need re-fabricating
  • The left and right wings need renewing and welding in
  • The rusty jacking points need cutting out and new sections need to be carefully welded back into place.

This is definitely a job that is going to be a long haul. The restoration rally has just begun – there are plenty of challenges ahead but this Riley will finish in style. See you in Monte Carlo!


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