September 16, 2019

Laverda RGS

We’re not just about classic cars at White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex. There are plenty of bike enthusiasts in and around the Home Counties and we get a good few interesting makes such as this sleek Laverda RGS coming our way.

When it first came onto the market over 25 years ago, the Laverda was a pretty interesting bike that mixed a powerful looking frame with a really dynamic and futuristic design. It’s the sort of bike you are probably likely to see shooting down the interstate in America rather than on English roads.

At White’s Bodyworks, we love to see a classic bike and this one from the early 80s also brings with it a brilliant sense of nostalgia.

More About the Laverda RGS

Laverda is actually one of the oldest brands in Europe and it began making agricultural engines in 1873. The Italian company expanded after the Second World War and started producing iconic motorcycles, at first focusing on small capacity machines that were great for getting around town.

It wasn’t until the 60s that the company began branching out into bigger, more powerful models and the type of mean machine we see today. While the 1982 Laverda RGS looked the part, however, it was underpinned by some old technology that was about 10 years out of date at the time. Japanese models coming onto the market had far more sophisticated engines and they were cheaper too.

Those who bought the bike were impressed with it’s throaty, almost muscular sound (just what you want in a bike) and it remains a collectors item today.

Respraying the Laverda RGS

One of the most common jobs we often see at White’s Bodyworks with motorbikes, especially classic models, is respraying or repairing the panels and petrol tank. These are areas that can take a good deal of pounding over the years.

The key thing here is to carry out the repairs and do all the preparation beforehand. A good paint job depends on having a smooth surface to work. If there are any minor defects, they are really going to be noticeable when the paint has dried.

If you have a motorbike and it needs repairs or a respray, contact our expert team on 01273 933633 today.


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