July 2, 2013

Ford Escort mk1

How We Revived 70s Auto Chic For a Ford Classic

If you’re a fan of 70s cop fiction, the Ford Escort MK1 will bring back some fond memories. It’s a car with a distinctive style and still looks great on the road today. If you managed to get hold of one of these vintage cars and it’s in need of some serious repairs, getting in touch with White’s Bodyworks should be your first step for a complete restoration.

The Ford Escort MK1

The first Mark 1 appeared around 1967 in the UK, replacing the much loved Anglia. The two door saloon became one of the most popular cars in the country between then and 1975 and was particularly noted for its cutting edge water temperature gauge and nifty cigar lighter – the height of in car tech at the time. It appealed to young buyers in the 70s, looked fairly sporty and came with a good fuel efficiency and reliable performance.

After over 40 years on the road, most Ford Escorts are going to need some serious care and attention at some point. This model was brought to us suffering several problems with the bodywork – there were a few dents to sort out, rust that had built over time and the whole car needed a respray.

  • Dent Repairs: We use a special fluorescent light to highlight dent areas so that we know what we are dealing with. There are several ways to tackle dents including using metal rods and body picks to lift them up.
  • Rust Repairs: Of course, any rust can have a real impact on the integrity of the bodywork, especially when it comes to a classic car. Not only do you have to get rid of the rust area, you need to fill it with something robust that is going to last and give a smooth finish.
  • Respray Front and Sides: This is an artform in itself and requires the careful application of a number of techniques to basically return the MK1 to it’s former glory. Once finished in brilliant white, the car looked as good as new and was ready, once more, to head out onto the road.

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