January 25, 2019

Benelli 125 Sport

Unless you’re a classic motorbike enthusiast, you probably won’t have heard of the Benelli make at all. Popular around the late 70s and early 80s, this Italian bike was pretty popular across Europe.

At White’s Bodyworks, it’s not just cars that we take on at our garage. We see plenty of modern and vintage motorcycles too.

While the area we need to work with is much smaller, the attention to detail remains. Being an expert at renovating vintage motorbikes doesn’t come easy and our clients are often more exacting than our car vintage car owners. Often, the classic bikes we see at White’s in West Sussex are one of a kind.

This particular restoration involved stripping the entire bike down and required a level of expertise which is hard to find in most other garages that deal with classic cars and motorcycles. Not so at White’s Bodyworks. Because of our experience, we were able to take it in our stride.

More About The Benelli 125 Sport

Built between 1980 and 1981, this is a pretty rare bike but a great looking one that has a few select and enthusiastic owners. It’s certainly a real biker’s bike and one that we took a lot of pleasure renovating.

What We Did at White’s Bodyworks

Our expert team were quickly at work with this particular motorbike, giving it the full restoration that is required. Returning a classic like this to its former glory is no easy job and it’s important to work directly with the owner to keep them informed.

If you have a classic car or motorbike and need a renovation, restoration or repair, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks on 01273 933633.


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