July 1, 2019

Austin A55 Cambridge

There’s nothing like a respray to bring an old classic back to life. Once all the renovation work has been done and your vintage vehicle is ready to hit the road, this is one thing you really need to do if you want the bodywork to look complete.

It literally creates that wow factor that makes your car look great when it first goes out on the road. This Austin A55 Cambridge was a point in question. A classic car in every sense, we loved it from the moment it drove onto our forecourt in West Sussex.

We handle a lot of resprays for both modern and classic cars at White’s Bodyworks and we love to see an old vehicle like this suddenly look like it’s just popped off the manufacturing line.

More About the Austin A55 Cambridge

The Austin Cambridge range were quintessentially English cars and probably some of the popular motors on the roads during the 50s and 60s. The A55 first hit the roads in 1957 and 154,000 were made before it ceased production.

You might be surprised that it took all of 27 seconds to get the A55 from 0 to 60 and it only had a top speed of about 77 miles per hour. If you were looking for a top of the range sports car, this wasn’t it. At a cost of just £871, it was on the slightly more expensive side for a family car but it was still a popular model.

What We Do At White’s Bodyworks

Key to any respray is the preparation that goes into everything before the paint is actually put on. It’s what separates the professional garage from the rest. That means, first of all, stripping the existing paintwork and then carrying out repairs.

Smoothing down the surface can take a lot of hard work but if you want a great finish you can’t skimp on this part of the job. Once this classic car is ready to be painted, it’s not all finished. Choosing the right paint for a classic model like this is important for the final look.

If you have a classic car and you need an experienced respray team that knows what they’re doing, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex today on 01273 933633.


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