March 22, 2019

Austin A30

The Austin A30 may not look like the kind of car you could fall in love with but it’s a classic with a lot of heritage and plenty of owners who wouldn’t drive anything else.

You won’t be surprised that there’s a whole fan club associated with the Austin and there are many still running perfectly on the road today.

This amazing car was in pretty good condition considering it was first built in the late 50s and is now nearly 60 years old. They certainly built family cars to last back then.

The History of the Austin A30

The Austin A30 was innovative for its time, having a lighter chassis than many of it’s contemporaries. There was a real effort to make this an economy family vehicle, even to the extent of just fitting one windscreen wiper to the front to keep the final cost down.
While the first cars off the line were four door, the A30 with two doors became more typical as time went on.

The engine was also pretty state of the art at the time, doing 42 mpg, although its top speed was little more than 70mph. There’s an Austin A30 and A35 club in the UK and members often turn up at classic car events and festivals.

The Work White’s Bodyworks Carried Out on the Austin A30

Like all old cars, the Austin sometimes needs work undertaking and this model was no exception. Although it looked pretty good on the surface it required various mechanical repairs and some careful bodywork restoration.

This is the kind of job we excel in at White’s Bodyworks. Our specialist classic car team are highly focused on carrying out repairs that maintain the integrity of the vehicle’s original design. That means discussing any issues with the owner and perhaps even sourcing fairly rare parts to carry out repairs.

Whether you have a recent classic or a really old vintage vehicle that needs a specialist garage with a great track record, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today on 01273 933633.


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