July 18, 2013

Armstrong Siddeley

Another great British car, the Armstrong Siddeley is a relatively rare sight on UK roads today. As with many classic cars, it’s the bodywork that can often take the brunt of time and ageing. Dents and dings may hide rust or more seriously damaged panels and repairing these is a major undertaking.

Most classic car owners won’t hand their pride and joy over to a garage or mechanic who doesn’t know what they are doing. Over several decades, White’s Bodyworks have garnered a strong reputation for delivering the quality work that classic car owners are looking for.

More About the Armstrong Siddeley

Armstrong Siddeley was established in 1919 and focused on luxury cars as well as aircraft engines. Later, it merged with Hawker Aviation and Bristo Aero Engines until the 1960s when car manufacture effectively ceased altogether.
The first cars produced by the company appeared in 1922 and they were specifically designed for the high end of the market. Long before motoring became the property of the masses, the Armstrong Siddeley was aimed at the well to do.

Classic Car Repairs

Classic car owners will shop around quite a bit before they settle on a garage. If the work that needs to be done is extensive, such as a full restoration, they want to make sure they make the right choices.

At White’s Bodyworks, one thing we’re very good at is talking through our process with owners and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge, as well as the right equipment, to repair bodywork on an old vehicle so that it looks indistinguishable from the original design.

If you are searching for a classic car restoration service, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today on 01273 933633.


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