March 27, 2015

1972 Triumph Daytona

The late 60s and 70s was a pretty good time for classic cars and motorbikes. Many found their popularity boosted by TV series and films like the Sweeney. There was the memorable Ford Mustang Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt, for example. For motorbikes, the film Easy Rider made it cool to get out on the freeway and burn hundreds of miles.

The 70s were a great time for motorbike design. The 1972 Triumph Daytona is a ride that was really built to last. Nearly 50 years later, this model that came to White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex was still travelling the roads and making an impression.

More About the 1972 Triumph Daytona

The Triumph Daytona was closely related to the Bonneville and was a popular bike at the time. It was a great racing motorcycle as well and featured heavily in a number of grand Prix over the next few years. Not surprising when you consider it had a top speed of around 111 mph.

While it was also popular in the US, it’s home was the UK and you can still the bike on British roads today. We love classic bikes at White’s Bodyworks and when this 1972 Triumph Daytona came over the forecourt, everyone gathered around to have a look.

Classic Motorbike Renovations as White’s Bodyworks

As with classic cars, the art of renovation is a mix of having the right tools and access to the best experience while working closely with the owner to get the right outcome. The bodywork had taken a bit of a pounding over the years and stripping down, repairing and respraying the tank and side panels was an intricate job.
Fortunately, we have all the equipment we need at White’s which is why classic motorcycle owners tend to come to us first.

If you have a classic bike and need renovations, repairs or servicing from a garage you can trust, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today on 01273 933633.


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