November 23, 2017

1967 Mercedes SL280 Respray.

It’s not all about repairs and restorations when we take in classic cars at White’s Bodyworks. Sometimes the vehicle just needs a vintage vehicle respray to get it looking good again. That was the case with this 1967 Mercedes SL280.

Mercedes, of course, is a classy brand of vehicle and one that we see a lot of on our roads. Back in the 60s and 70s, however, it was the luxury car and the one that all successful people drove if they didn’t like the alternative Rolls Royce brand.

This soft-top car was actually a joy to see in our workshop. We usually associate the older Mercedes with more substantial body designs. This two-seat sports vehicle, however, looks more like the MGB than a traditional Mercedes and certainly had a racy feel to it.

More About the 1967 Mercedes SL280

You won’t find too many of these cars still on British roads but their classic sport design is certainly one that gets collectors going. It’s probably one of the more valuable classic cars on the market and if you can get your hands on one for renovation or restoration, despite the work that may need carrying out, the return on investment can be worth it.

Respraying at White’s Bodyworks

The key to carrying out a great respray, whether it’s for a modern car or a classic, is doing the prep work properly. In this case, it means ensuring there are no dings or dents and that the surface is smooth and ready for the paint.

Fortunately, at White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex, we have a fully equipped vehicle respray workshop that can handle any job and an expert team on hand to make sure the results are exceptional. We have to say this vehicle was in great condition and had been well looked after by its owner.

If you are searching for a respray for your vintage vehicle, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today to find out how can help. Just call us on 01273 933633.


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