July 10, 2013

1934 Wolseley

Sometimes we get a true classic coming to White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex. They are often used for events like weddings and are one of the most sought after classic cars today. As you might expect, owners of these rare treasures are pretty choosey about which garage they use to service, repair and restore their vehicles.

At White’s Bodyworks, we’ve got a long track record of achieving great results. Classic car owners can come to us sure in the knowledge that we have all the equipment and skills on-site that they need.

More About the 1934 Wolseley

The 1934 Wolseley was a pretty lightweight vehicle for its time and came in a variety of saloon and coupe styles. It retailed at a staggering £175 in the 30s and had a 12 hp engine of 75 mph. That made it one of the fastest vehicles on the road at the time.

The Wolseley company itself started up in 1901 but it went into receivership in 1927 before being bought out by Morris Motors. When you watch TV series like Downton Abbey, you’ll always see a Wolseley or two motoring around.

Vintage Cars at White’s Bodyworks

The work that needed to be done on this model was to repair and respray the wheel hubs. For classic cars such as this, it’s important to get a perfect finish and that’s why owners seek out an expert team like we have at White’s Bodyworks.

We have one of the best respray shops in the Home Counties and are proud of the standard of work we deliver for our classic car customers.

If you are searching for a garage that knows how to care for your classic car, contact the team at White’s Bodyworks today on 01273 933633.


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