There’s nothing that exudes as much class as a Bentley. It’s a vehicle that has luxury and style written into its DNA. In the past, the Bentley was definitely a sign of success and prosperity. If you were driving one, you’d made it.

This Bentley Turbo R came to us for a variety of work including welding and fabrication, bodywork and updating the paintwork. When it comes to a high-class car like this, you can’t afford to give the work over to an ordinary garage.

At White’s Bodyworks in Sussex, we have the full range of garage facilities and a team that really understands classic cars. Whether it’s repairing bodywork or sprucing up the paintwork, we have the team in place to do the job.

More About The Bentley Turbo R

You might wonder what the R stands for. Apparently, it’s ‘road-holding’. This is a high-performance car that was produced between 1985 and 1999 and was driven by plenty of celebrities at the time.

According to its fans, this car delivered one of the most comfortable rides you could imagine, which is probably why it was so popular among businessmen and politicians alike. With its plush interior and solid body, it’s a car that you can’t mistake as it drives down the road.

What We Did With the Bentley Turbo R

This is a high-end car and you can understand why the owner had a pretty strong attachment to it. Fortunately, at White’s Bodyworks we understand with each project that this is the owner’s pride and joy. Taking care is important with anyone’s car especially when you’re carrying out major work.

There were numerous bits of restoration that we needed to carry out on this particular Bentley Turbo R, including fabricating some damaged bodywork. The final stage of updating the paintwork was only carried out once all the other work had been completed.

If you have a classic car and you are looking for a specialist garage that really understands classic cars, contact our expert team at White’s Bodyworks on 01273 933633.

The name Bentley has been synonymous with class ever since the first car came off the assembly line in 1919. For more than 50 years the company was owned by Rolls Royce before more recently being handed over to Volkswagen. It remains one of the most iconic cars you’re likely to see on British roads today.

This Bentley Mulsanne S came to our garage in West Sussex for restoration and a respray recently. It’s a car that exudes luxury, from the moment you see it on the forecourt and then sit behind the wheel. It’s also the kind of vintage vehicle that we’re used to dealing with at White’s Bodyworks.

More About the Bentley Mulsanne S

Bentley Mulsanne’s came off the production line between 1980 and 1992 and were full-size luxury sedans. If you were the kind of executive who needed to get on with some work while being driven to your next appointment, this car was the height of luxury.

What We Did at White’s Bodyworks

Dealing with a luxury car like this isn’t just about the care and attention to detail that we provide at our garage. It’s about the integrity of the car itself and making sure any restoration and repair, as well as the respray, is carried out to the highest standards.

That’s why many people with classic cars choose White’s Bodyworks in West Sussex and come to us again and again. If you have a vintage vehicle, call the team that has the high level of experience and the reputation you’re looking for.

Contact White’s Bodyworks on 01273 933633.

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Bentley’s are something of an iconic car brand at our garage in West Sussex. When this 1934 VDP Derby Bentley came to White’s Bodyworks recently, you can imagine the kind of stir that it caused.

Pre-war Bentley’s are few and far between and handling the restoration and repair of this particular car was a great honour for our garage.

Finding a business that can handle vintage car repairs that you can depend and rely on is pretty important. What we bring to the table at White’s Bodyworks is a wealth of experience and a long track record of providing a high level of service.

More About the 1934 VDP Derby Bentley

The 3.5 litre Bentley came onto the market in 1933 and was produced up until the beginning of the Second World War in 1939. The cars were actually called Derby Bentleys because they were produced by Rolls Royce in their Derby plant.

This is probably the sort of car you imagine when you think of 1930s gangster movies and there’s no doubt about the American influence in the design. Nearly 2,500 cars were produced and they quickly got the reputation for being a sporty and durable. In fact, some 70% of the vehicles produced during this time were found to be still around near the turn of this century.

White’s Bodyworks Classic Car and Motorcycle Repairs

We often get pretty old cars in our garage at White’s, not all of them in such good condition as this Derby Bentley. Time and wear and tear, however, takes their toll on even the hardiest cars.

There was a significant amount of work to carry out. As with all our classic car renovations, we work closely with the owner to make sure they understand what can be achieved and put the right processes in place to meet their expectations.

If you are a classic car or motorbike owner, it’s really important to find a garage you can trust. That includes having the appropriate expertise and the best facilities. At White’s Bodyworks, we’ve built up a great reputation for classic car and motorbike renovation, repair and restoration.

Contact us today on 01273 933633 to find out more or get a quote for work that needs to be done.

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