March 28, 2021

How to Protect the Underside of Your Car

Many people spend a lot of time washing and polishing the top of their car but few consider what happens underneath it. If you bear in mind that this part of your vehicle is closest to the road and the most likely to get damaged fro grit and other material, taking a bit more care with what happens here makes a lot of sense.

This area of your car is certainly at greater risk during wintertime as the weather conditions are a lot more inclement and the roads get gritted regularly. If you also live close to the coast, the salty air can also cause greater problems, getting into the bodywork and causing corrosion quicker than if you were driving about further inland.

Rust and Your Car

The truth is that most rust problems don’t start with the side panels, roof or bonnet of your car. It usually begins underneath, where few of us bother to take a look.

This area is normally protected by hard plastic panels that stop the worst of the damage that UK roads can offer. While these protect areas like the exhaust, for example, that doesn’t mean damp, dirt and other elements can’t get in.

Giving your car a regular wash underneath as well as on top is one way to ensure you don’t get a build-up of contaminants. It’s also important to check for rust and to repair this as soon as it gets noticed.

Causing Damage to the Underside of Your Car

Poor driving habits like going over speed bumps too fast can also cause damage to the underneath of your car. For example, hitting a bump will potentially cause cracking of the protective cover so that the engine and fuel tank are more open to the elements. You may find the same issue if you drive on roads with potholes.

In short, it’s always important to check things out if you hear a noise that sounds out of the ordinary as you may have incurred some damage.

Suspension Problems

Also underneath your car are important components like the wheels and suspension. Again, hitting potholes can cause damage to these areas, making your car more dangerous to drive.

If you notice any squeaking or rattling that sounds out of place, it’s essential to pay a visit to your local garage and have it assessed. Leaving this kind of damage not only potentially makes the handling of your car harder, but it can also prolong emergency stopping speed and put others at risk.

Fluid Leaks

Another thing to check for is evidence of leaks or spills from your car. If you notice a stain after you’ve been parked, this could be an oil leak or something like brake fluid both of which are likely to have a big impact on the safety and the performance of your car. Even small leaks need to be repaired as quickly as possible to help prevent further damage.

Especially if you own an older car, pay more attention to the underside of your vehicle and, if you notice something wrong, get it repaired as soon as possible.

At White’s Bodyworks, we handle all kinds of repairs for cars of any type. Based in West Sussex, our team of expert mechanics can have your car undercarriage ship shape and ready for action in next to no time.

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