Paintless Dent Removal Service in Sussex

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Our Dent and Ding Removal Service

There’s nothing worse than a dent or ding on your car body. It not only looks unsightly but can affect the resale cost if you decide to put it on the market in the future.

Our paintless dent removal service is the quick and cost-effective way to get rid of dents and make your car look as good as new. Delivered by experienced and talented repair staff at our garage, our aim is to use our skill to make your bodywork look pristine.

Some dents are only minor or you may have creases or small dings that you want to get rid of and these are suitable for what is called PDR or paintless dent removal. At White’s Bodyworks, we have the technology on site and the professionals who are able to get rid of those dents at a cost which isn’t going to break the bank.

Paintless dent removal has been around for a while now but the truth is not every garage is good at it. That’s why we get customers from all over East and West Sussex at White’s. They know they can rely on our service 100%.

You never know when you are going to get a slight dent or ding, of course. It can happen during an accident more often than not. Sometimes dents can just appear out of nowhere.

Whether paintless dent removal will suit your car or motorbike will depend on a number of factors which need to be assessed first. There’s how flexible the pain is around the dent, for a start. In short, the more shallow the damage, the better it is for paintless dent removal. While we’re experts at this kind of work at our garage in Hassocks, West Sussex, we also provide a whole host of different car repair services.

At White’s Bodyworks, we’ll be able to assess and treat your dent problem with the minimum of fuss. If you’d like to find out more, simply contact us on 01273 933633 and talk to our friendly team.

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Removing Dents

There’s a skill involved in removing dents, however big or small they are. It takes a good deal of knowledge and expertise, something which the team at White’s have quite a lot of.

A special fluorescent or LED light and a reflecting board are used to highlight the dent area so that we can see it more clearly and discern what needs to be done. We use the same kit to check later if the repair has been successful.

Depending on where the dent is, we use a number of methods to put it straight. One is to use metal rods and body picks to push the dent up from the underside of the panel. Another is to use glue and a specially cut tab to pull the dent out. This requires quite a bit of experience to get right and a fair deal of patience as you might imagine.

It may sound simple but working on paintless dent removal requires a certain type of artistry and takes many years to learn, working with sensitive tools and using knowledge and skill built up over time. An experienced car body worker will be able to do it without hopefully breaking the paint and you won’t be able to tell the dent was ever there after they have finished.

It’s something the team at White’s Bodyworks in Sussex do practically every day at our garage in Hassocks. If you’re looking for experts, we’ve got plenty of them.

White’s Bodyworks: The Paintless Dent Removal Experts

With some 27 years delivering quality repair and maintenance for a wide variety of cars, including classics like this amazing Triumph Spitfire, White’s has a great reputation for paying attention to detail and delivering on customer’s expectations.

We’re a car and motorbike repair garage that likes to go that extra step when delivering a good job. Whether that’s dealing with a modern BMW or a vintage car which requires renovation, we bring the same focus.

Dings and dents are a fact of life when it comes to any car. Our customers normally want a quick and cost-effective solution that leaves their car looking as good as new. We’ll be able to assess your vehicle to see if will benefit from our paintless dent removal service and then we’ll get it repaired in next to no time.

At White’s Bodyworks, we’ve got some considerable years of experience behind us in dealing with these kinds of dents. Whether you have a modern car, motorbike or need some work doing on a vintage classic, our trained mechanics are there to provide this highly skilled service.

If you want to find out more or hire our services, contact the team at White’s in Sussex today on 01273 933633.

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