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If you have a dent in your car and want it removed there are several ways to do it. If there has been no damage to the paintwork then the best method will probably be what we call paintless dent removal or PDR. It usually applies to small dings, creases or other minor indentations.

Another thing it will depend on is the flexibility of the paint around the blemish. Generally, the shallower the dent then the easier it is to use paintless dent removal. At White’s Bodyworks, we’ll be able to assess and treat your problem with the minimum of fuss.

Removing Dents

A special fluorescent or LED lighting and a reflecting board are often used to highlight the dent area so that we can see it more clearly and discern what needs to be done and then if the repair has been successful.

Depending on where the dent is, we use a number of methods to set them straight. One is to use metal rods and body picks to push the dent up from the underside of the panel. Another is to use glue and a specially cut tab to pull the dent out.


It may sound simple but working on paintless dent removal is an art form in itself and takes many years to learn, working with sensitive tools and using knowledge and skill built up over time. An experienced car body worker will be able to do it without hopefully breaking the paint and you won’t be able to tell the dent was ever there after they have finished.

At White’s Bodyworks we’ve got some considerable years of experience behind us in dealing with these kinds of dents. Whether you have a modern car, motorbike or need some work doing on a vintage classic, our trained mechanics are there to provide this expert service.

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