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Often, when you have a little accident then it’s usually the bumper that takes the brunt of the force. After all, that’s what it is there for. There can also be wear and tear over the years that you may not notice but suddenly needs attention – issues like rust, dents or cracks. White’s Bodyworks provide fast, efficient and affordable car bumper repairs that will make your car look as good as new.

Car bumpers come in a range of style and designs. Older, classic or vintage cars will have metal or ornate bumpers that need specialised expert care and attention. Newer models have bumpers made of reinforced metal and plastic that can crack and be damaged in other ways.

Bumper Repair

Whether it’s rust, a dent or a crack that needs to be sorted out, we can offer a range of services to get your bumper back to pristine condition.

Classic car restoration is one of our fortes and we’ve got a host of experienced mechanics who can deal with your bumper repair issues. It’s not just vintage cars that we’re good at either, we provide a full repair service for all modern vehicles. It’s something we are very good at and has gained us a national reputation.

Services include repair, replacement and respray or reconditioning so that your car bumper looks as good as new.


Bumper repair is perhaps one of the most common things we see at White’s Bodyworks – it’s where a large number of minor bumps and dings occur. Over the years our trained mechanics have seen just about every problem and every type of car bumper including a broad range of classic and vintage cars that need a whole different level of expertise.

Take a look at the repair we did on this Peugeot 206.

Or the bumper scratch on this Vauxhall Corsa.

Whether you have some minor damage or a bigger problem then White’s Bodyworks have the time and expertise to provide you with a top notch bumper repair service. Give us a call on 07843 625021 to find out more.

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