May 18, 2021

5 Things a Classic Car Team Offers That Ordinary Garages Don’t

There are thousands of classic car enthusiasts around the UK. Here in West Sussex, we’ve got more than our fair share of them. Over the years we’ve had everything from an MK2 Lotus Cortina to a fabulous Rolls Royce Silver Cloud come across our forecourt.

Just like the owners themselves, our passion when it comes to classics is unfettered.

There’s nothing that gets our enthusiasm going other than a vintage vehicle that requires some tender loving care. Some owners want us to restore or rebuild, others may want repairs or a new paint job. Some simply come to us for a quick service or MOT.

As classic car experts, we’ve got the skill, knowledge and equipment to do a great job, whatever you need. It’s one of the reasons why customers tend to come back to us again and again.

1. Knowledge and Expertise

The first big difference between a business such as White’s Bodyworks and other garages is the range of expertise specifically related to the world of classic cars. You might think that one car is much like another but that’s not strictly true. When it comes to things like bodywork repairs or fixing an engine, specialist knowledge and skills account for a lot.

Check out the work we did recently on this Austin Healey.

For nearly 30 years, classic car owners from far and wide have trusted us because we know what we’re talking about and have all the right equipment in place.

2. Access to Parts

One of the challenges for classic car restorations and repairs is finding the right replacement parts. Over the years, we’ve built amazing networks and resourced rare parts for a variety of different customers and different makes of car.

Most general garages don’t know where to start and often settle for solutions that aren’t appropriate for the age or model of car or motorbike.

3. The Right Equipment

To carry out successful restorations and repairs on classic cars you need a whole range of kit. From our dedicated respray booths to the heavy-duty equipment on-site, we tick all the right boxes when it comes to everything from bodywork to engine removal and reconstruction.

We’ve invested in the garage because we know that our classic car customers expect the best and we’re determined to deliver it.

4. Full Range of Services

Because we have most of the equipment on-site, we can offer classic car owners the full range of services you might expect. Maybe you just want your MOT and service handling. Or perhaps you’ve invested in a car and now want to carry out the restoration work. Whether the job’s big or small, we’re here to support you.

All our team are fully trained and come with their individual areas of expertise which means there’s always a great solution to be found.

5. Flexible Approach

There’s no doubt that many classic car owners want to get involved themselves with a restoration. This can certainly be a passion that extends beyond simply driving the vehicle around.

The team at White’s Bodyworks always try to be as flexible as possible – we’re here to support and do those jobs you aren’t equipped to get done or don’t know where to start. We keep our customers fully informed all the time and ensure they are involved in the entire decision-making process.

It’s important to have a garage that you can trust for any vehicle. For classic car owners, that trust is even more important. Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of classic cars, helping to repair, restore, repaint and service them.

If you’d like to see the kinds of cars we’ve repaired over the years, check out our portfolio here.

White’s Bodyworks are one of the leading classic car garages in the Home Counties and we take great pride in our work and the service that we offer to owners. If you want to find out what our team can do, give us a call on 01273 933633.


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